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Immune Boost Capsule

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Immune Boost Capsule

Increases Body Immunity. Prevent Recurrence of Viral And Bacterial Fever, Cough, Cold and Associated Symptoms.

Prepared With Ayurvedic Herbs, Giloy, Aloe Vera, Aamla, Tulsi, Punarnava, along with other Herbs to Increase Body Immunity to fight ViruI Infections. Useful in Chornic Fever, Liver Problems, Digestion,  Cough &Cold and Related Problems.

Tulsi   – Tulsi has Anti Viral effect, useful in commen Cough & Cold and related Problems.

Giloy    – Useful in chronic Fever & Increases Body Immunity.

Aamla  –  A Rich Source of Vitamin C , A Tonic to Heart & Brain, Rasayan, one of Well Known ingredient in ayurveda to Increase Body Immunity .

Punarnava  –  Tone up and Rejuvenate Liver & Body

Aloe Vera  –  A well Known General Tonic. Useful for Digestive System and Increases overall Body Function.

Sounf    – Useful in General Cough & Cold, Digestion & Acidity.

Tej Pat  – Digestive , Anti Cough & Cold.

Sonth – Digestive ,Anti Vomiting and Improve Appetite.


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